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Alaska is Like That Meme Women Like to Share

"If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best."

Nine out of 10 chance you've seen this meme posted, and 10 out of 10 chance it was by someone who has a really, really bad attitude and a terrible track record with relationships. They have also almost certainly said something to the effect of "Yeah, not many girls like me because I'm just so real." No, Sharon. It's because you're a bitch.

Alaska is like that same meme, except not in a bad, I-have-daddy-issues-and-not-the-hot-kind sort of way like our friend Sharon from before.

If you can't handle Alaska at its coldest. Its darkest. Its most desolate. You don't deserve it when the Northern Lights are dancing. When the fire weed is blooming. When the stars are shining brighter than the Krank's Christmas tree.

Sure, Alaska has its harsh moments -- a lot of which we're just now becoming familiar with as we sprint head-first into our inaugural winter season. And it's not for the faint of heart.

But just like with anything you really, really want, you have to work for it. And the results are well worth the struggle. The same as anything in life.

So with that, we'll keep the words short and sweet and let the visuals handle the rest. You judge if the Alaska juice is worth the squeeze.

Willie and Daniel with Northern Lights
Alaska Selfies Just Hit Different

Northern Lights Out the Window
What . . . Your Bedroom View Doesn't Look Like This?

Emelia, Daniel, Jeri, and Jeff
Our Friends are Cool [And Cold]

Emelia on Daniel's Shoulders
Best Way to Travel

Stephen Klobuchar Showing Emelia a Fish
Dr. K Showing Emelia How It's Done

Northern Lights Above the House
Northern Lights or Witchy Smoke?

Emelia by the River

Aerial View of Part of Our Property
The Compound

Drone Shot of Chena Hot Springs Road
Drones Are a Game Changer

Front of House
Skeleton of the Last Home Owners

Sunrise. A.k.a. 8:30AM

Emelia with a Fishing Net
Here, Fishy Fishy

Drone Shot of Chena Hot Springs Road
Chena Hot Springs Road

Oh Hey It's Me

Frozen Grass

Emelia on Daniel's Shoulders
Again, the Best Way to Travel

Dogs Running Toward Camera
Before Getting Run Over

Willie, Zulu, and Drogo
Last Hike Before the Freeze

Emelia With a Fishing Net
She's Still Waiting for a Fish

Daniel Flying a Drone
First Snow of the Season

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